Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ten Pin Linky Party: Reading Ideas, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram

I am linking up to Ashley's Ten Pin Linky Party over a Just Reed today. I love this idea and how she has broken it down. I actually have been working on a pinterest page for the blog the last couple of days and have been organizing my pins into categories. My personal pinterest was a mess for classroom stuff, everything was in one big category and it would take forever to look or find anything. So with all that being said this linky party comes at a great time as I am a little more organized and I am excited to find some more pins to add to my reading board.

Here are 10 of my favorite reading pins:

1. I am super excited to use these reading posters from A Cupcake for the Teacher in my classroom this next year. I like how they break things down and include a visual for my kiddos. They will be great reminders to have hanging in the room and to be able to use to post during lessons.
(Source: A Cupcake for the Teacher)

2. I love the idea of using the iPad to retell what you have read from Kris over at I {Heart} Teaching. There are so many different ways you could incorporate the iPad into reading that I never thought about until I saw this pin. It also gives me a chance to partner students and have a recording of their work while I work with other students in groups or one on one.

(Source: I {Heart} Teaching)

3. This one combines two great resources from Lyndsey over at a year of many firsts. I love her products and I love her Let's Cut to the Common Core posts/resources. You can check out her amazing post for this by clicking on the link to her blog. To give you a quick description she has a wonderful packet she sells in her tot store that are common core resources and language art organizers. She added a resource that is a list of picture books that can be used with the Common Core and she also includes which of her graphic organizers can be used with the books and the standards.
(Source: a year of many firsts)

4. I love this next idea from Annie over at The Moffatt Girls. I tried this with one of my students I am tutoring this summer and they loved it. My student loved the interactive piece of it and we had done something similar when I was giving a sight word assessment. I did a couple of different ways, as you can see in the picture below there are a handful of words written multiple times for the them to erase. I also did it were we just had a bunch of words written just the one time. I am excited to do this during the school year and give it a try on my Smartboard too.
(Source: The Moffatt Girls)

5. I don't know what I would have done without these amazing book packets from Kara over at Sped Ventures. Two of my kiddos with Autism were not at all interested in reading group and they were not willing to take part. I love love love Mercy Watson and I thought maybe it would be a really good fit for them, as they had not enjoyed anything else I had picked. I came across Kara's two packets for Mercy Watson and it was a perfect fit. The girls loved the books and the packets. She also has a Cowgirl Kate one that we started at the end of the school year that they really enjoyed. I would highly recommend any of her packets (I have used a good handful of them with different groups of students).
(Source: Sped Ventures)

6. One of the big projects I have had this summer is common core related. Amanda at Teaching Maddeness has great free EQ posters for second grade for reading (and writing). I will be using this next year and am on the search for other grades.
(Source: Teaching Maddeness)

7. I like the idea of these cards that Really Good Stuff sells. I think for a lot of my kiddos the mission piece of it would be a really good hook for them.
(Source: Really Good Stuff)

8. The Inspired Apple is one of the first blogs I ever came across. All I have to say is I wish my anchor charts looked half as good as Abby's, she has some major talent! This is one of the many that I love.
(Source: The Inspired Apple)

9. Jen over at Hello Literacy has shared a wonderful packet for reading RTI.
(Source: Hello Literacy)

10. I am kind of doubling up- My last pin is from Hello Two Peas in a Pod. They have a great set of lesson plans for the year for phonological awareness that is text based and common core linked. If you visit their TPT store in the preview download they are giving a free lesson. I am looking at getting this for next year. They have sets for the whole year or monthly.
(Source: Hello Two Peas in a Pod)

That was a lot harder than I thought it would be. There are so many great pins that it was hard to just pick 10. I included direct links to all of these in the post so please go check out all of these wonderful blogs to get more information on each one of these. I would also love to have you come follow me on my new Pinterest account for the blog (it is a work in progress). I am hoping it will provide me with some new boards for me to follow too. Head on over to Just Reed and link up!

I have also added links to the blog for you to follow me on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram Please come follow me!

Happy Wednesday!

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