Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Made It

I am finally able to link up to this week's Monday Made It hosted by Tara at 4th Grade Frolics. My plans to get things done always seem to get delayed and I have been working on organizing our house and all of my school stuff. Today I was able to get a handful of projects done and if you follow me on Instagram you got a preview of some of them.

First up our my daily buckets. There wasn't much making done on my part besides doing some cutting, laminating, and putting together. I used labels from Cara's (The First Grade Parade)Chalk One Up For Being Organized Packet and buckets that I found at BigLots. I am planning on using them to organize all my needed materials for the day/week for all of my groups. I used folders last year and I always had to store things that wouldn't fit in the folder somewhere else. I am hoping this will work out better this next school year and will help me stay prepped and organized. The lighting in our house is not always the best for pictures, this was the best I could do.

Next up is also another project that didn't take much on my part. I had an extra three drawer desk chest that I had been using in my bathroom to store accessories in and I thought I would repurpose it. I have a wonderful team of paras that work with me and they are always looking for something to do if they have down time. Unless I have something right off hand I don't normally have time to gather the materials while I am in the middle of working with my kiddos. My goal this year is to use the the drawers to have projects that I can do, but also they can help me with if they have time. My original thought was to make the drawers be for my own personal use, but once I started thinking about it having it done this way would be a much better use. I made the Copy, Laminate, Cut labels myself along with the label for the other half of this project for the file box. I was really wanting to have a place to store things that need to be filed. Last year everything seemed to get piled on my desk until I could take care of it. When I was walking the aisle of Target this morning I came across this adorable snap together file box and decide this would be perfect for what I was missing. I am hoping that I can put a folder in the front and put papers in there and either I or my para team can file them as we have extra time.

My final project for the day is still a work in progress. I need to clean it up some and I am not sure if it is exactly how I want it to look. I found this wonderful idea on Pinterest and traced it back to Leslie at Kindergartenworks. I used her original post on Teach Junkie as my inspiration. I only used duct tape when making mine. I am playing around with how I want to use mine. I am thinking about posting a number of the day or sight word of the day on it for groups. I figure if I keep it simple it opens up the options I have for using it. I will update once I have it up and finalized.

I am off to work on a few more projects that I will be sharing in posts this week. Head over to 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It to link up and check out all the amazing posts and ideas.

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  1. Seems like you've been busy! All your projects look great! I especially like the daily buckets. I need to get busy for my new room!

    The 4th Grade Journey