Sunday, August 11, 2013

I am back.....

Yikes! I really thought I had blogged since this month's currently. In the last ten days I have been busy getting projects done in the classroom and at home. Now that summer school and my tutoring are over I have had more time to focus on classroom projects. If you follow me on Instagram you have seen a few of the projects I have been working on in the new addition to my classroom. It is coming along slowly and even though I have got a few additional projects done, I really need to pick up the pace in the next week and half. I will have to do a better job taking pictures to share as I go. I feel like the last couple of times I have been to school I have had to run out the door so quickly that taking pictures doesn't even cross my mind (my classroom is such a time warp- I am sure many of you can relate).

Any way I thought I would pop on my little blog today and share a freebie and a new product that I just got put up on my TPT store (which I also finally finished setting up). First up is my Special Education Communication Log Packet. The packet includes six different communication logs that I have found to be useful as a Special Education Teacher.

Last year I had a Parent Communication Form that I found and used. I kept them in my IEP binder and filed them with each students IEP. Every time I communicate with parents I would keep track of it on the form. I found that the form didn't document everything I wanted it to and the boxes were so little that I didn't have much space to write. I found it helpful to have a written log when I needed to go back and reference things. I decided to create my own sheet that would include everything I wanted to document and left me with more than enough room. I have included my Parent Communication Form as a freebie in my TPT store.

The other communication logs in the packet are a teacher, school psych, principal, team, and an other provider (outside providers the student may have). I found that I didn't always do a great job of documenting my communication with all of these people. I would have notes in different places, emails, posts with information on them and I would have to dig to find them. This year I wanted to make sure I had a better system going and was documenting everything in one place. There are so many important conversations that take place and I want to make sure on my end that I have everything documented in case I ever need it for any reason. I would love to hear about how others document their communication with all the professionals they are in contact with! I originally thought about doing it digitally, but there are times that I don't have access to a computer/ipad/iphone and I can write something down. I hate having to do the work twice and I don't want to forget to transfer things from one to another. I figure I will give this a try and re-evaluate after to see if it was a system that works for me. I would also love some feedback on the packet so I am going to give away a free packet to the first two people to leave me a comment (make sure to leave your email address). The packet will also be on sale until Tuesday :)

I am off to watch some Sunday night TV with my husband and get some projects done. I will be back this week with some more freebies and a back to school giveaway!

Happy Sunday!


  1. I am looking to update my forms. I'd love to have a copy of yours. thanks for your wonderful posts. smiles and stop by anytime.

    1. I sent it to your email- but I keep getting an error messages and it says it has delayed the delivery. Is there another address I can send it to. Feel free to email me if you don't want to post on here.


  2. These would be so useful for me with my kiddos. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. I would love to have a copy.

  4. Hello! I love these pages! Do you have these posted somewhere or do you mind sending them my way? Thank you so much,

  5. These forms look great! do you mind putting them back up for sale? I would love to purchase them for my class...thank you!!
    Regards, Zola

  6. I know I am missing it but I do not see a place where I can buy or download this. I don't know if you updated this since than. Please email me. Thanks!